Regarding WILDFIRE ADAPTED COMMUNITY  (previously Firewise)

ALR Property Owners,


What is WILDFIRE ADAPTED COMMUNITY? Although FireWise is a national program, the mission statement for our local organization provides an excellent answer to that question. "The FireWise Council of Southwest Colorado, strives to keep lives, homes and property from being damaged by wildfire. They provide education, planning and mitigation support to spark wildfire preparedness in the hearts of our neighbors."

Finally, the Ambassador program is a grassroots project launched in 2004. There are over 125 Ambassadors active across Southwest Colorado. Their input and involvement helps to make the program better. The FireWise Council of Southwest Colorado offers educational speakers, email information, field trips and other activities to help the Ambassadors mobilize their neighborhood.

Our Property Owner's Board embraces the WILDFIRE ADAPTED COMMUNITY program and has already taken the first step in Alpine Lakes Ranch becoming a recognized "FireWise Community". The willingness of two of our property owners to take the lead and become Ambassadors takes us another step closer.

With education as one of our main goals, we will enclose 2 brochures in the Annual Meeting packet concerning wildfire safety and mitigation that we hope you will find helpful. We are looking into possible mitigation projects in the near future.

As a committee, we would like to have at least one representative from each section of the ranch. At this time we have Sylvia (PH), Jeff (AM) and Debbie (ER).

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Please contact an ambassador or committee member for additional information.



Jeff Grovhoug (970) 264-0329
Sylvia Thompson (970) 264-0875
Debbie Robeson (970) 264-0606

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