FireWise Incentive Programs

Attention all Alpine Lakes residents wishing to do fire mitigation on their property. FireWise and Archuleta County have incentive programs to assist in the cost of wildfire mitigation on your property. A link is included of local contractors doing mitigation in our area.

Southwest FireWise Link:

Contractor Directory Link: DD_ContractorDirectory012215.pdf

FireWise of Southwest Colorado offers a variety of incentive programs to support residents with slash removal and their planning and mitigation efforts. Some programs are open to all residents in the five-county area of southwest Colorado, and others are only for our Neighborhood Ambassadors and their communities. These are our known programs for 2016, but be sure to check back periodically for additions, as we are continually seeking funding to expand our programs. Alpine Lakes Ranch has four Neighborhood Ambassadors, and the Archuleta County Community Coordinator is Bill Trimarco at 970-264-0430.


This program offers residents a small rebate when they rent a chipper or hire a contractor to do the chipping for them (does not cover the cost of mitigation work). The program is also open to HOAs/POAs/Metro Districts/Road Districts and other formal governance structures, which can receive up to $1,500 for community chipping efforts. The programs runs from April 1, 2016 - Oct. 31, 2016.

Who's Eligible: All residents.
What's Needed: 2016 Rebate Form.
Contact: Bill Trimarco at 264-0430 for more details.


For communities that wish to completely dispose of their slash, have beetle-infested trees to dispose of, or slash piles too large to burn, FireWise offers funding for rental of an air curtain burner (or hiring a contractor). A 25% cash match is required if your community does not have a Neighborhood Ambassador.

Who's Eligible: All residents
Contact: Pam Wilson at 385-8909 for more details.


Each County FireWise Coordinator is available to conduct individual property assessments for homeowners. The assessment will include recommended actions the homeowner can take to help keep their home insured for fire.

Who's Eligible: All residents.
Contact: Your County Coordinator (listed on the Contact Us page).


For communities which are new to FireWise, FireWise and one or two of our partners (BLM, CSFS, or local fire department) do either a drive through or walk through of the neighborhood with the FireWise Ambassador and one or more residents. The community will receive a written report, complete with photos, and 4-6 recommendations to get the community started on wildfire preparedness efforts. No cost to homeowner other than coordinating with HOA and neighbors.

Who's Eligible: All residents.
Contact: Your Community Coordinator.


This program offers neighborhoods that are new to our FireWise program to receive up to $7,500 for a community project. Partners are available to help plan if requested, but the Neighborhood Ambassador is responsible for writing the scope of work and getting contractor bids. Most neighborhoods use the funding to mitigate common space or create shaded fuel breaks along their rights-of-way. All projects will be inspected by FireWise and CSFS personnel upon completion. Residents must provide at least a 25% cash match. Upon completion of the project, the FireWise Ambassador is required to make a short presentation at a Fire Council meeting to discuss their project and lessons learned, and to provide before and after photos.

Who's Eligible: Communities with Neighborhood Ambassadors.
What's Needed: An application is required. Applications will be available beginning 4/15/16.
Contact: Pam Wilson at 385-8909 for details.


This grant is intended primarily for fuels reduction work in Zones 1 & 2 to help protect your home in the event of a wildfire. It will reimburse up to 50% of the cost to have mitigation work done on your property, such as hand thinning (chainsaws, etc.) or mastication (brush hog or similar).

Who's Eligible: Anyone who owns or resides on private land within the Vallecito wildland-urban interface (WUI) boundary as shown on page 8 of the Vallecito Community Wildfire Protection Plan. Work cannot start until you receive an award letter.
What's Needed: A property assessment by a FireWise Coordinator and a completed application. //
Contact: Bill Trimarco at 264-0430.


Conditions and for this grant are the same as for Vallecito Mitigation grants.

Who's Eligible: Anyone who owns or resides on private land within Archuleta County.
What's Needed: A property assessment by a FireWise Coordinator and a completed application.
Contact: Bill Trimarco at 264-0430.


This fund differs from the Kickstart Program in that communities involved in FireWise can receive up to $500 funding for a community BBQ (to kick off their CWPP efforts or mitigation project), a bulletin board, or reflective address signs. A 10% match is required.

Who's Eligible: Communities with a Neighborhood Ambassador and no formal governance structure like an HOA or POA or Metro District.
Contact: Pam Wilson at 385-8909 for more details.

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