Meeting Dates: BOD monthly Board meetings will be regularly scheduled. The Board Secretary will notify all members, who have submitted e-mail addresses, of BOD meeting time and dates as we know them.

If you would like to be on any Annual Meeting agenda, we must receive your request and a sample of what you want to present by June 30. Mail or E-Mail is acceptable.

ALR Property Owners Association
17774 Highway 84
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Newsletter: - We have deleted the ALRPOA Community Newsletter and substituted the Bulletin Board. Nancy Grovhoug will maintain its contents and offer contact information for anything mentioned therein. A link is at the bottom of all email from 

Email: Almost all ALR communication is now being done by Email or the Web Site in order to save money and expedite communication. Please send your email address (if you have one) or update your current Email address by notifying the Secretary at Currently over 85% of property owners have provided an email address to the Secretary.

Mailing Address:  It is the responsibility of the property owners to notice the secretary of any address changes.

Ranch Maps: Property owners are reminded that Maps of ALR by section with lot numbers and names are available from Nancy Grovhoug.  If you are interested in a copy please contact Nancy Grovhoug, 970-264-0329,

Revised:  02/19/2019